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Kluang or the Easy Life?

IMG_2662The combo 300-400km AUDAX ride went well this weekend and cooperative weather prevented any perverse sunburns and delivered smiling riders back into Singapore before 6pm. Once again we deployed the ‘smart’ pace which enabled short rest stops and overall quicker times. The 400km gang was done before 10pm, a full hour faster than the earlier 400km on March 7th.  There were also a group of riders who joined for the first 112km before heading back to Singapore which added some firepower to the group.

The 300km 

Arran Pearson easily takes the JFT Audax Spirit Award after conquering the 300km.  Despite the lure of heading back to Singapore with a small group of riders at the 112km spot, Arran stayed on plan and hammered out the full 300km ride.  This was not easy given the fact that the guys who did turn back were heading back for exotic family lunches, air conditioned rooms and resting for big sailing outings….the easy life.  The look on Arran’s face (pictured left) is the sitting on the fence look….half of him was thinking about air conditioned facilities with cold beverages and half of him was  thinking of the treacherous stretch from Kluang to Kota Tinggi…..thinking, thinking, thinking….’ok I am in’.  Excellent job Arran.

Andy Bennett also easily took the Silk Smile Award for the 300km.  In addition to being a pleasant chap and a fellow who is always got a smile on his face, he brought many laughs and smiles to others describing his riding patterns.  ‘I ride around 300-400km per month, usually in one day’….hilarious.


Wesley Hughes must have had a lunch date in Kluang before noon or something because he pulled the gang almost the entire way from 112km to our favourite new restaurant.   That section is a very tough terrain and he did almost all the front work which was definitely appreciated by the 400km crew.   Good job Wesley on taking the Lundy Worker Award on the AUDAX 300km!

The 400km

The Kluang-Kota Tinggi stretch was very manageable this weekend with favourable weather and solid and consistent riding.   Overcast weather, a tailwind and a light rain were delightful.  A quick stop at the petrol station in Kota Tinggi and we were on our way back home.  The traffic was light and things were almost perfect until we hit the downpour of rain 16km from JB.  It was actually cold.  We crossed the border and were at the bus stop at 5:30pm…pretty amazing time.

After crossing the border the 300km guys went home to eat and drink and the 400km riders rode on to Spizza pizza for much needed dinner.  One beer each and one pizza each was almost the standard order…..I think Terrence opted for juice.  Terrence Lee did the AUDAX 400km on March 7, 2015 and finished at 3:30am doing most of the ride solo.  This time, he stayed with the 400km group and knocked five hours off of his finishing time.  Solid riding Terrence and congrats on winning the JFT Audax Spirit Award.

With the group whittled down to only eight riders and only 80km to go we all felt good.  But 80km is actually a lot after you have already done 320km!   Numerous tactics were deployed to keep rider interest high:  beers @ Boomarang, getting home, going out partying? etc….unfortunately we arrived at Boomarang and there was a rugby game on and not a seat in the house.  We scoured the area for another beer place and finally found one…some of the guys from Ponggol rode home and the rest of us had a few beers.  There were mIMG_2671any guys who said this was their longest one day ride in their lives including Peter Whitfield who takes the 400km Lundy Worker Award.  In addition to doing lots of work in Malaysia, Peter also came through during clutch moments pulling the entire gang down CCR (at 35km/hour) and was on the front almost the entire final 50km.  If you ever ride with Peter you will also notice he is almost 100% in his big gears…grinding away.  Peter’s Garmin died at 373km and he needed to get the satisfaction of crossing the 400km mark…so after a few beers he decided to extend the loop and even managed a loop of Mount Faber…in his big gears!   Congrats on the big ride and hope to see you on the 600km.

Hartmut Hofmann was seeking smiles as he was armed with his GoPro and made a fancy movie.  He would regularly sprint off and then jump off his bike to capture some images of the group speeding along.  Hartmut can now smile in his new socks as he is the lucky winner of the Silk Smile Award for the 400km.  Keep on smiling and good ride.

Overall a great ride…next weekend is the 200km which should be a breeze after all the long ones completed recently.  It is good to keep the distances up ahead of the 600km in mid-April.  At time of writing we have 28 people signed up for that…should be big and fun and with speeds that cater to almost every rider.




200/300/400 March 21


AUDAX 300km 2011- M. R.

Ride brief @ 5am- roll @ 5:30am sharp

Well this weekend is officially a 300km and a 400km with a side order of 200km training. The route we will follow is all the same until we hit the first Petronas station around KM 112 from the starting place. Patrick is likely heading the 200km group back to safety from that point. After that the 300km and the 400km riders will enjoy a festive lunch in the thriving metropolis of Kluang and follow this route below before returning into Singapore. For the 400km crew, we will likely grab dinner on Jalan Kayu…note that Jerry’s BBQ takes too long so Spizza is now the likely spot…there is also Indian prata place and other local stuff to grab. In Singapore we will finish at the start point – see below (and for those doing 400km we will likely grab a beverage to celebrate somewhere)…

You can find the cue sheet and GPX file here:

Cue Sheet

Start place is the same as usual

Longhouse has been closed- so we are meeting at Starbucks near Novena:

Starbucks at Novena/United Square is open 24 hours, has plenty of seating, and there is a 7-11 there which is also open 24 hours….so this is the closest place that holds lots of bodies and has decent food/drink for early birds.  United Square – 101 Thomson Road #01-01 United Square Singapore 307591

What to bring?

The ride is mostly in Malaysia so bring your passport and PR, EP etc cards to cross the border.  Bring some Malaysian Ringgitt for stops along the way and bring enough food and water for at least 100km.  There are plenty of petrol stations for re-fueling.   Bring some sun block too…last weekend a few people got some pretty bad burns.  Of course bring tubes, Co2 cartridges, and make sure your bike is in good condition before this weekend.  Last but not least, bring your patience.  If we are going to ride together then stronger riders can do more front time or help others out but no surging, no breakaways etc.

Energy Sources

Thanks to Tammy Quah we have been able to secure a discount on gels, power bars and powders from Booom!  Andy will be there on Saturday morning @ 5am with some of the goods. I have tried the stuff and it is good.

In Andy’s words:

I would like to offer discounts to Singapore Audax members purchasing Booom products. It will be a tier discount, members will get 10% discount for purchases above $50 and they will 15% discount for purchases above $80. As for the mode of payment, it can be through cash upon delivery or internet banking (before delivery). 

In addition to getting some of the goods on Saturday morning – check out other ways to leverage your membership and get good deals on Booom energy supplies.

1. Go to Bikes N Bites, show the Audax members cards and enjoy the tier discount provided they meet the minimum purchase of $50.

2. Contact Andy at +65 97666959 and as long as they meet the minimum purchase of $50, stocks will be delivered to them for free. Time and location to be arrange with them.

For payment, there are 2 options:

                                                      a- cash upon delivery

                                                      b- internet bank transfer, details are: Vayu Endurance Pte Ltd, OCBC account number 582-025045-001


The 600km – April 18-19th 2015

IMG_2594The AUDAX 600km is coming up in mid-April and many people have asked questions about the ride.   Hopefully this brief ride description will  address some or all of the questions.

For logistics reasons – please register ASAP here:  Register

There are a few unique things about this ride that you should know…first, we leave Saturday morning and will likely be back at around lunch time on Sunday. Second, we have a emergency vehicle following for safety (the nice thing is you can put extra clothes, food, drink and a new kit for day 2 in the car.) There will be a small charge for this but believe me it is worth it…charge depends on numbers but likely to be less than S$50 each which is reasonable.  This support will be delivered by the best support team in Asia – M3 – who have done big ride support for events such as the Trans Malaysia Express (TME) and the Melaka & Back in One Crack ( ) rides.  The support team fully understands tired riders.  The vehicle(s) stay behind the riders – it is not a support vehicle but an emergency precaution to avoid issues with riding in the dark in Malaysia at night.

Basic Accommodation

We will also have a hotel to get some basic rest and and clean up a bit.  The hotel rooms are cheap and I highly recommend you share to make it cheaper because it is not fancy at all….it is a dumpy hotel that was recently described as the ‘least worst’ hotel in the area.   You literally will be sleeping in the room for a few hours and charging your Garmin…there is no WIFI or other modern things.  Check it out here on Trip Advisor…..      Two Star Hotel … of the reviews says ‘never stay here’…but keep in mind what we will be doing there.  If anybody has suggestions that are within 5km of this masterpiece then please let us know so we can upgrade…but the key is that you do not want to go too far from the path….nobody wants extra KMs on this one.

Day 1

Typically we should arrive around midnight and will be approximately 420km complete. If we arrive after midnight we lose sleeping time but the plan is to arrive safely, shower and sleep.  After a hearty XXX hour sleep, you then get up, ride the final 200km back home after a hearty breakfast (food also is 2 Star so many bring their own and just have coffee)….sounds fun eh?  Similar to the 400km ride, we stop for a real meal after around 320km – last time was Pizza Hut but nobody was complaining.  There are other local choices and other choices such as KFC and McDonalds.  There are petrol stations all along the way to refuel and many riders like to bring their own food in the emergency vehicles.

Day 2

Breakfast usually starts around 630 am and we roll in the sunshine most likely around 730am or 8am latest.  This ride on day 2 is nice because it is less than 1/2 the distance you did the day before and you are mentally almost finished the 600km.   People may be a bit grumpy and tired on this day for the first few hours…or for 200km or so.  Everybody is happy at the end no matter what.

Here is the ride on the map. It is likely we will have two groups that cater to slower and faster riders – pending numbers. Once your group is chosen the group has to remain together due to safety and really anybody who breaks away on a 600km ride is a bit crazy.  Unlike other rides where groups split, it is more important on this one for safety on the roads. So if you are a stronger rider in your chosen group, then you can use your excess energy to support the other riders and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Link to route  you can find the .gpx file there too.