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Medallions Night

WP_20150426_04_44_26_ProGreat turnout for the 2014-15 Medallion presentation which saw riders who have ride accomplished rides of 200, 300, 400 and 600km rides over the past six months receive their medallions.  The AUDAX spirit is alive and kicking in Singapore.

Congratulations to the riders who have already achieved Super Randonneur Status!  These riders have already completed the full series this year:  200, 300, 400 and 600km distances.   This is a record number for Singapore!

Here they are (last name / first name)

– Bennett Andrew
– Brooks Adam
– Hofmann     Hartmut
– Hon Steven
– Ilies Remus
– Insunza Daniel
– Lee Fuk Shing
– Liaw Andrew
– Lock Neridah
– Loh Teck Meng
– Ngo Chin Kah Joshua
– Ong Khina
– Paine Jeff
– Philippou    Andrew
– Smith Dan
– Williams Patrick
– Whitfield    Peter

Now while this number of Super Randonneurs is impressive, it is only going to grow. On May 9th there are 300/400 and 600km distances which will enable eight additional SRs from Singapore alone.  Hope to see you out on the road and if you want to see if you are one of the eight you can check here   SR Status

PBP is also coming.  For those who have already done 1000km or 1200km brevets you can preregister now online.  Preregister here

IMG-20150427-WA0001For those who have done the 600km you can register on May 3rd.  On May 10th they open it to the 400km finishers so our May 9th results will be sent in immediately in order to get our Singapore based riders a spot.  It should not be a problem but it does seem that the number of crazy and /or enthusiastic people has significantly grown and they have only 5000 slots globally.   After May 10th we can have a PBP planning night again which we can share ideas and stories on PBP and also help plan some logistical stuff.   Congrats again to all medallion winners and see you soon on the road.

Special THANKS to Boomarang for giving us a great spot to hold the event during the busy weekend period.


Post 600 Celebration


BoomarangAUDAX 2014 -15 Medallion Presentation

This Sunday we will present the medallions for those who recently completed the AUDAX 600km ride last weekend.  The event will be held at  Boomarang @ Robertson Quay from 3pm-6pm.  Come and have a drink and a bite to eat to share stories about the ride.  In addition to the 600km medals, we will also have the medallions from the shorter distances for those who have ordered them and paid for them.  Medallions are S$25 each.

With the completion of the 600 there were 16 Singapore AUDAX riders who achieved Super Randonneur Status for the 2014-15 season.  This honorific is given to riders who complete 200, 300, 400 and 600 kilometer brevets in a season.    To check your status visit SR Status  That number in itself is amazing….more than ever for Singapore. IN addition, it is so amazing to see a number of guys achieving this who until around four months ago had not ridden more than 200km in one crack! #philippou#brooks   KUDOS to all the ladies and gents who have finished SR.

There are plenty of riders who are one small ride away from achieving SR status.  The next ride is May 9th where we will have a 300, 400 and 600km option for those who are missing a particular ride.  Longer rides can be substituted for shorter requirements – for instance, if you do a 300km and you are missing a 200km distance, then you are fine.  There are lots of riders already signed up for all distances including the 600km.  What we are doing is the standard Patrick Williams 300km route in Malaysia and finishing all distances in Singapore given logistical and other challenges.

Once again Boomarang has closed off a room for us and that is pretty amazing given that it is a Sunday afternoon during a busy weekend.  To top it all off they are giving us 25 beers to start the event off with a bang.   Thanks Boomarang for your continued support for our events!




Blazing hot weather did not deter the newest batch of AUDAX Super Randonneurs on the AUDAX 600km

Wes the Strong man

Wes the Strongman Towing Group 1

Amazing Ride – we had guys, gals, people over 60, people as young as Lawrence Loh, people who had only months ago not ridden more than 200km at one time crushing 600km…..amazing.  31 riders lined up to ride 600km in less than 40 hours. For many it marked the full series of AUDAX rides including a 200km, 300km, 400km and finally the 600km. Those riders have now earned the distinction of Super Randonneur. In 1952, the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) created an honorific recognizing randonneurs who had completed, the ACP 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k brevets within a single calendar year. This honorific is called the Super Randonneur Award.   While this achievement is not likely to land you a new job or a date with someone special, it is still very recognized and respected in the long distance cycling community.  As you all know it is not easy….be proud but maybe hold off on running out and getting it tattooed on your bicep.   Singapore AUDAX members can request a medallion which be available in September 2015. The medallion design is changed every Paris-Brest-Paris year such as this year.  For this specific 600km ride there is an individual medallion which will be distributed at our medallion presentation next Sunday April 26th from 3pm – 6pm at Boomarang Riverside Point.

First and most importantly it is important to pay tribute to our safety team under the leadership of John Koh.  All of these people spent their entire weekend to follow our groups and provide a safe environment for us to complete this challenge.  Whether it was using the bright vehicle lights to illuminate pitch dark roadways or by blocking riders from the up-an-coming F1 drivers in Malaysia, these teams enhanced rider security tremendously.  Thank you John, Lionel, Alice, OK Heng, Kelvin, Gerard and Jason.  Without the safety you and your team provided, we could not have done this ride.

The Best Support Group

Group 1 – Missing were Phil V, David K and Wesley



Group 2 – Thanks Patrick Williams!

The Ride

We rolled on time at 5:30am from Singapore  and had little challenges crossing the border into Malaysia.  The coastal route took riders from Singapore  past Melaka to Alor Gajah.  This route was chosen for the visibility, safety and ideally most enjoyable path for the riders.   After doing a small loop in Alor Gajah the riders headed back towards Melaka where they could spend a bit of time at Hotel Super Cowboy. The roads were in good condition and despite the heat there were a number of areas with good shade to keep the riders cooler than normal. The first day we hit 43 degrees Celsius.

The entire group was very close together until the first stop in Pontian.  Many opted for McDonald’s for a hearty breakfast to help tackle the remaining 510km.  It seemed that group 2 was plagued with a number of punctures.  Group 1 was fortunate not having one puncture the entire ride.  There were some crazy sections like the hills outside Batu Pahat….some people were gunning for Strava segments whilst others were thinking about the remaining 420km to ride.

Hee Haw- Welcome to the Hotel Super Cowboy

WP_20150418_19_09_18_Pro (1)

Dan and Adam @ Hotel Super Cowboy

Despite the lack of sarsaparilla, cowboys, cowgirls, beer, whiskey and most other things associated with cowboys, we chose a new hotel for the AUDAX 600km….this year we stopped at Hotel Super Cowboy on the side of the highway in Melaka.  Compared to past experiences, this hotel was exceptionally good.  It was clean, had hot and cold water and even soap in the shower.   It is also located very close to Domino’s pizza and a Chinese variety store that sells good beer.  Upon arriving at Hotel Super Cowboy the majority of the ride was completed.  Riders took some time to clean up, eat, rest and get ready to roll on the way back to Singapore.



With such a massive group doing such a challenge really everybody deserves an award.  Unfortunately Singapore Audax is a not-for-profit organization so we need to identify only a few winners who will enjoy a pair of Audax socks.

For a full description of the awards you can go here AWARDS

The Lundy Worker Award has special meaning on this type of ride.   If you don’t know who Lundy is then you can just think it was that person at the front most of the time, fixing flats, singing, helping pushing riders along, etc.   It is easy to be a hero for 200, 300 or maybe even 400 kilometers but this 600km is a different animal…(well so I thought. before Wesley’s inability to get tired)  In all of the groups there were heroes who took extensive pulls on the front to get their team safely back to the finish point in Singapore.


Bryce after eating McDonald’s

In Group 1 there were three Lundys!   In ways they may have been battling for a pair of socks over the 600km distance but in the end they all won and dragged the rest of us along with them.  Rare was there a moment when Bryce Benat, Wes Hughes or Phil Versteegen were not on the front.  Their exceptional workloads really helped the first group get through this ride in almost record time.  If we did not set  a record it was because these guys were so strong, by the time we reached the stops, the rest of the group was dead  from trying to hang on  and needed longer breaks to recover.  Congrats gents and thanks for your solid effort on the road.   Wes actually never looked tired and I am pretty sure he is ready for PBP and maybe something even bigger!  Bryce and Phil actually finished with a Faber loop to burn off their excess energy!

Group two also had multiple Lundys.    Theo Matsas flew in to Singapore for a birthday party and ended up doing the 600km ride as a bonus.  Theo is in training for RAAM 2015 as part of the team with Ned and Mat Lock…..and it looks like he is in good form as he pulled the massive group for the last 230km home.  This is an incredible effort for a 600km distance.  Alongside of Theo was Super Randonneur Peter Whitfield.  This guy is a machine….he also was on the front for the 230km finale and most likely entirely in his big gears.


Adam’s Hero

An important part of AUDAX spirit is to encourage others and help them to complete the ride.  On almost every AUDAX ride there is someone who suffers or has a bad day.  Well this weekend was no different and there was plenty of suffering witnessed in all the groups.  Adam Brooks was having a bad day from KM 75 where he had to stop and spend some quality time at the Petronas loo.  He missed the group at McDonalds only to rejoin when group 1 was blazing along at 33-35km/hour.  It was getting hot….Adam was back with the group but he does not like the heat.  He plowed on….feeling a bit better when we hit Melaka as the pace dialed back.  After completing the loop in Alor Gajah and nearing a beer at Hotel Super Cowboy Adam pressed on and was feeling better….he even smiled a bit.  Departing Hotel Super Cowboy-  After a quick rest and a group agreement to dial the speed back a bit (which lasted a whopping 10km) Adam was back in suffering mode after the pace ramped up again to 33-35.  He managed to hang on to the brisk pace that was set all the way until 50km to the border.  At that stage his ankle gave way and the group stopped at the petrol station to see if we could get ice.  The rest of the group sat on the ground listening and raising eyebrows as Adam was screeching in pain in the back of the van where John Koh was treating him.   We are not sure what John did but something worked for Adam and he was back in the saddle. Once again group 1 agreed to dial the pace back and once again that lasted for a few kilometers.  Back into suffer mode Adam went.  We ultimately made it across the border to the official finish at Kranji MRT.  Adam made it!   The group celebrated and went to find a beer (there are none at Kranji MRT station – the last time that will be the finish).  With the lack of beer and a few KMs short on his Garmin, Adam saddled up and followed the small group of other Strava addicts through Kranji in search of Kudos.   The pace at this point was slowed to around 22km as Adam and others were carrying bags and backpacks. Destination – Boomarang for food and beers.  Adam continued to suffer (and whinge) all the way….he flirted with taking a cab within 15km of Boomarang….he was suffering but pressed on.  It is not easy to suffer through more than 500km of riding…especially in the heat.   After refueling Adam managed to get back on the bike to finalize the 600km mark on his Garmin.  Epic day of suffering.   The JFT AUDAX Spirit Award goes to Dan Smith who supported Adam for 400+km to get him through to the end.  Dan ensured Adam had a wheel to sit on most of the ride, reminded the group to keep the pace in check and even used reverse psychology on Adam at Boomarang which put him back on the bike to get the missing nine kilometers done.  Awesome job Dan!

Last but not least is the Silk Smile Award.  The biggest smile over the weekend was definitely from Atiq who is the Manager at Hotel Super Cowboy.  Unfortunately for Atiq he does not qualify for awards as he had no bike… so the 2nd biggest smile was on the face of Shirley Teo.  Always cheerful, Shirley was snapping photos of group 1 before they departed Hotel Super Cowboy.  Her positive attitude definitely sent the group 1 people off on a positive note as they set out into the dark night on the way back to Singapore.   The lack of smiles is not a reflection of the quality of life at the Hotel Super Cowboy….people were a bit tired and potentially a bit grumpy.

If you would like to see some pictures from various photographers on the April 2015 AUDAX you can click here:

The Evolution of the AUDAX 600km
It is amazing to think that we had 31 riders for the 2015 AUDAX 600km ride. There is no doubt the long distance cycling is growing in popularity.  The last AUDAX 600km ride in Singapore was in November 2010.  Below you can see some photos from the last Singapore AUDAX 600km ride in November 2010.

Thank you again to our support team, the riders and Atiq….we will return to Hotel Super Cowboy.