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The Final Countdown

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PBP Training Camp Phuket 2015

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The AUDAX 600km is this weekend and the start time is 3:30am register at 3am on July 4th.  NOTE that we will NOT have a support vehicle so you will need to be self-sufficient on the road.   There are plenty of stores along the route for drinks so that is not a problem for refuelling.  The one chop stop is at Hotel Super Cowboy.  Note that many people are pressing right through and not stopping at the hotel but likely to stop for a full meal around that area.  If you want to stop for a while there you can book a room upon arrival.  Make sure you have your brightest lights and potentially your neon vests if you have them for safety reasons. I believe there will likely be 2 or 3 groups only so try to stick in one of them.  There are also a number of people registered from Thailand and a few new names I do not recognize so there will likely be people who don’t know where they are going.   Please try to help them out!  The route is the same as the 600km as per this link where you can grab the .gpx file.  Standard ride registration fee of S$5 for members and S$25 for non-members.

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Norwegian Ketchup 200km

Post Ride Beers -

Post Ride Beers –

Another thrilling AUDAX 200km ride this weekend with some new faces and the return of some Singapore AUDAX legends.   The 200km group was a bit smaller than usual with people traveling for summer, doing crazy things like RAAM or just plain taking a break from spending the entire day on a bike.   Many new faces which was always encouraging and great to have Ling Ling on-board to represent the sole woman rider on this weekend’s ride.  It was also nice to have a visiting rider join us from Thailand once again!

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July 4 AUDAX 600km

hotel super cowboyThe AUDAX 600km on July 4th will follow the route below. Feel free to download the route if you like but the plan is that we will all ride together as one group. The route is the same one that takes us through the rolling hills of Batu Pahat all the way out to Alor Gajah. Looping back for a quick stop at Hotel Super Cowboy for a solid meal and a shower before heading back to Singapore. The route will continue in Singapore as per below through Kranji and finishing at Boomarang. One key change will also be the start time. We will start the ride at 3:30am to enable people to have more time with family on Sunday when they finish.  The time cutoff is 40 hours so don’t kill yourself. I am working on getting one support vehicle for safety to ride behind the riders.  Sign Up Now

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