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PBP 2007- Denise Silk

Paris Brest Paris 2007 – by Denise Silk


Denise PBP 2007

I was one of three people from Singapore to take part in PBP in 2007. There was JF Torrelle, Andrew McIntyre and myself (Denise Silk). Looking back on this experience I think a certain amount of naivety was priceless but there is certainly a few things that I would do differently knowing what I know now.

I remember clearly going to the start and just entering into the swarm of riders making their way around a running track to the starting area. We knew it was going to start raining at any minute, it was inevitable, what they didn’t tell us was that it would be torrential rain for the next 2 days straight and go down in history as the second worst weather conditions for a PBP.

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