Monthly Archives: February 2016

PW 200km

BRM CardThe AUDAX 200km ride on February 20 ( Sign Up ) will take us over a bit of new terrain and gain a few extra kilometers in Malaysia to avoid doing big loops when we are back in Singapore!  The new route  includes some familiar terrain but you will miss (or maybe not) the j94 rollers.  Kulai hills are still included.    Malaysia portion Google Maps here   There will also be a few other changes.  First, the brevet cards will be kept by the riders at the completion of the ride.   Time will be registered upon arrival at the finish and will be submitted for Paris.  There will be one stamp to start at Starbucks, one in Malaysia at a place to be determined, and then the final stamp at the end.   The starting of the ride will be the same (Starbucks, United Square) and the NEW FINISH will be at Brewerkz at Riverside Point.   This will help accomodate people who need food or beer upon finishing the ride and Starbucks who was complaining about beer drinking…so it makes everybody happier. In addition, the traffic is much lighter near Brewerkz than in the busy area of Novena when the riders typically finish in the early afternoon.  Special thanks to Patrick Williams for creating this new route!

You will have a total time of 13 hours to complete the ride.  Ride registration starts at 0500 and we roll at 5:30 sharp.   Bring your passport, EP, PR, or anything else you need to cross the border into Malaysia.

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