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Oct 29 AUDAX 400km

fixing flatsThe AUDAX 400km will be the final AUDAX ride of the 2016 season.  The ride will be starting early at 12:05 am on October 29th in Singapore.  We will start at the Scotts Road Starbucks and ride approximately 100km in Singapore first and then do the AUDAX 300km in Malaysia.  This route is designed to maximize safety and to ensure that there are suitable meal stops open in places like Kluang which we should hit at approximately 260km.  The Singapore route will take us from Starbucks, Stevens Road, Mt. Pleasant, Upper Thompson Road, Yishun, Seletar, Jalan Kayu, Ponggol, Pasir Ris, East Coast Changi Coast Road, through the CBD, WCH to Kranji, through Kranji to the Woodlands checkpoint.  It is recommended that we stay in one or two groups for this section and then arrive in Malaysia for the standard AUDAX 300km.   This official route ends when you cross back over the border into Singapore which caters to people no matter where they live on the island. It is expected that we will likely finish around dinner time on the Saturday.

If you have not done the 300km route before then it is advisable that you download the .gpx file from the Strava link below.  The 300km covers the first 110km as the new 200km and then instead of heading home you go the other direction towards Kluang.  From the 110km mark you have 50 km of nice rolling hills on quiet roads which takes you to the city of Kluang.  Kluang has many food options and is an ideal spot to rest a bit and eat a big meal.  After Kluang we head back to Kulai and near the end we get to do the fun Kulai Hills.  There is no guarantee that the coconut stand will be open but there are plenty of places to get food and drinks along the way.  For the entire 400km you have 27 hours to complete the ride to be successful.  Unlike the 200km and 300km rides, the pace is reasonable as most people are concerned about blowing up.


The standard 300km route is below:

What to bring? 

Well you need your passport, PR, EP and any other documentation it takes to cross the border into Malaysia.  You should also bring some Malaysian Ringgit to buy water and food along the way.  The 300km route is a bit hilly so make sure you have good legs and maybe a few salt tablets. It is also advisable to bring tubes, co2 cartridges, food, and a chain tool so that Andy Bennett can fix any broken chains.  It is wise to check the quality of your tires and make sure everything on your bike is nice and tightly secured. Good lighting is a must as we will be in the dark for at least 6-7 hours…maybe more if we get back later than expected.

super-randonneur-logoWhy would you do a 400km ride? Well if you had a chance to do the 600km this year it is likely you have done a few 200s and a 300km ride too.  If you complete the 200, 300, 400 and 600 km you qualify for the Super Randonneur category and are able to buy the SR Medallion.  If that is of no interest to you then you can benefit from the exercise and eat and drink more after.

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200km Finale

Blazing fast 200km is the best way to describe last Saturday’s AUDAX  ride which was the final 200km of the year.  With more than 50 people lining up to start, most people disregarded the possible 13 hour time limit and from the very beginning the pace was fast.  The majority of the group arrived at JB Shell together for the final 200km of 2016.  It was great to see so many new people coming out to the AUDAX rides.


Not everyone enjoyed the pace…

The ride started a bit prematurely after a quick stop at the JB Shell which forced some riders to pedal hard to catch the pack by the next stop (pictured above).   By the second Shell the riders split into a group of 8-10 fast guys with a 2nd group of 30+ making their way along the nice country roads in Pekan Nanas.    Both groups moved through the nice country side and by the next stop in Bukit Batu the 2nd group grew in size inheriting some of the shattered riders from group 1.


After 110km people made their way to the Kulai Hills after a short stint on the J94 rollers.  A few more members of Group 1 joined Group 2 along the way.  For the first time in years the official coconut stand was open and actually selling coconuts.


1RM per coconut was a popular offering

There is no doubt this was a fast one.  Group 2 had an average speed of more than 34km/hour for the 200km and we arrived back in Singapore before 1pm.

Awards – each winner gets a pair of Singapore AUDAX socks

The JFT AUDAX Spirit Award goes to Phil Morris who led a group of first timers safely around the course and got some new people out on the road!

The Lundy Worker Award goes to Francis Leong who did lots of front work from Pekan Nanas to the Shell station in Bukit Batu.  Despite having a massive group of approximately 30 riders, Francis was regularly on the front pulling the massive train along at 37-40km/hour.  Many riders were struggling just to stay on the train let alone taking a pull at the front!  Good job Francis.

After a punchy 40km with group 1 Adam Brooks decided to join group 2 from KM 108 for the remainder of the ride.  He still managed a smile despite early big efforts and after completing the Kulai hills.  Adam wins the Silk Smile Award.


Award Winners Adam Brooks and Francis Leong

The next and final AUDAX ride of 2016 is on October 29, 2016.  More information about the AUDAX 400km on October 29, 2016 will be out shortly.  Ride safe.

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NEW START Place – Final 200km for 2016

For this weekend the 200km will be starting at a different Starbucks as the United Sq one is closed.  Scotts Road Starbucks is the place to start.  Ride registration at 5am and we roll at 530.  As per usual, the ride finishes at Brewerkz Riverside Point.

Address: 9 Scotts Rd, 228210
Phone:6736 4315

You will have a total time of 13:30 hours to complete the ride.  Ride registration starts at 0500 and we roll at 5:30 sharp.   Bring your passport, EP, PR, or anything else you need to cross the border into Malaysia.  It is also handy to have some Malaysian Ringgit to buy water and things from the stop points.  We will be doing the Patrick Williams Route (see below for Strava link) and it is likely there will be a few groups based on speeds.  Sign Up Here

You can find the route on this link below and download the .gpx file for your Garmin.