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AUDAX original

History of Singapore AUDAX 300km

The photo above is one of the best memories and pictures of Singapore AUDAX. It has Singapore AUDAX founder Jean-Francois Torrelle, Brian Johnsen, Lundy, Gareth, Barry, Peter and Jeff Kennedy…all the people who rode most of the AUDAX rides.  The photo was taken by another AUDAX original…Denise Silk.  This tin shed provided us some cover from a massive downpour.  The nice family who owned it made us tea to keep us warm.  It was a ride that created strong partnership and created great friendships.

The first 300km of  2017 is coming up on March 4, 2017.  As you contemplate on whether or not you want to tackle this big one, take a look at some memories of AUDAX 300km rides in the past.  The route we take now is the Patrick Williams Way which includes the first 108km of the 200km route before going off to Kluang.  The next 50 km of hilly nice roads take you to Kluang at KM 160 where you can grab some lunch and rest a bit.  After that we power through to Kulai where we do 4km of the J94 rollers before hitting the Kulai hills at KM 244 (save some energy).  Here is the route The New 300km route for 2016-17

August 2009 – AUDAX 300km

At the beginning of every AUDAX ride people are always happy.



Then something happens in between.  Where did all the smiles go?



This was Winston’s first ever AUDAX 300km ride…he crushed it.

June 13, 2009- AUDAX 300km

Once again we took the old 300km route to Kluang, Kota Tinggi and then back home via the J94 rollers.  It was an interesting ride…we had a support van due to saftey and we had 13 riders who joined this 300km ride.   By the time we were getting into Kota Tinggi the skies were getting dark.  Stopping at the usual roti prata place for some food we sat and wondered what the weather would do.  We actually sat there for around two hours and then the skies opened up with a massive downpour.  The nice thing about having the van was that eight people were able to jump in it….13-8=5 though.  So five riders had to power on through the remaining 90km in pouring rain and thunder storms to get home to Longhouse.  Martin Reynolds was one of the lucky five riders and he wanted to get a bit of rest before pressing on.



The weather got a lot worse and by the time we hit the rollers and had a puncture it was pouring down in buckets.  All the riders got home safely and only 5 qualified for this one!

April 2, 2011 – AUDAX 300km

This 300km was on the old route that took riders from Kluang to Kota Tinggi on the way back home.   It was always hot in Kota Tinggi and this young French rider decided to take a little break along the way.  We ended up at the shopping center as the usual roti prata stand in Kota Tinggi was closed.


When you arrive in Kota Tinggi you had already completed 220km.


Kota Tinggi did have some fun moments however!  In the past we used to start and finish all the rides at Longhouse….since that has been sold we now finish elsewhere.  Many of the rides ended just like this shot below. Note the bunny did not complete the ride.


Sept 10, 2010 – AUDAX 300km

Another blazing hot day in the saddle into Kota Tinggi….


Back in 2010 the peleton experienced the powerful cyclist from Norway and set a then-record time to complete the 300km route.



April 18, 2010 – AUDAX 300 and 400km 

This was one of the first times we combined the 300 and 400km rides.  In the old days we used to do the final 100km in Singapore for the 400km distance and those who did the 300km pulled off and went home direct from Woodlands checkpoint.   This ride had many of the AUDAX originals!  This photo was taken at the McDonalds in Kluang…which is highly not recommended for food.


In the olden days it used to take four riders and one manager (Bransby) to fix a puncture!


August 2016 – AUDAX 300km

Not sure what happened but the pace seemed to pick up on the 300km rides in 2014-15 when many more riders started joining to qualify for the Paris Brest Paris ride. We had a lot of the fast guys from various race clubs out and then some of the other guys just hung on the train to finish faster.  There will definitely be multiple paced groups for the upcoming 300km ride.  These rides provide additional time to meet new people, share some great riding experiences, and enjoy the nice terrain in Malaysia.

Photo by Julian Doyle

Photo by Julian Doyle