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May 27th 300km!

IMG_4579The AUDAX 300km is next Saturday May 27. As usual, registration opens at 5am and we roll at 5:30 am sharp. As usual, the ride will start at the Starbucks at United Square (Address: 101 Thomson Road, #01-01 United Square, 307591)  Note that this ride will end at Brewerkz Riverside Point. SIGN UP 

AUDAX 300km Route   – you can download the .GPX file here if you don’t know the route.

What to Bring

You need your passport, EP, PR cards and anything it takes to cross the border into Malaysia.  It is good to bring some Malaysian Ringgit to buy things along the way.  This ride will follow the new AUDAX 300km route for 2016/17.  The first 108km is the same as the 200km but then we head north into the thriving metropolis of Kluang.  At KM 160 we will be in Kluang where you can get a proper lunch before pressing on.  There are plenty of petrol stations to refill water.

Your Bike

Tighten everything up and bring tubes and tires.  If you get a puncture yell loud and throw your arm in the air…nice people will stop and help you.


If you arrive at KM108 and you feel tired then you should slow down…the reason why is the next 50km to lunch is hilly and hard.  After lunch you will have a nice flattish 75km until you hit the famous J94 rollers before tackling the Kulai Hills at KM 240.  Ride within your own pace….you have a total of 20  hours to complete the ride.  If you do not go to Brewerkz but do 300km then send your timing to me on Sunday.

Ride safe and see you all next weekend!

April 200KM

Photo by Julian Doyle


As usual, the ride will start at the Starbucks at United Square (Address: 101 Thomson Road, #01-01 United Square, 307591) and will finish at Brewerkz at Riverside Point.  We will be following the Patrick Williams Way AUDAX 200km and you can download the .GPX file from this map below.  Meet at 5am to register / sign up and we roll at 5:30 sharp.       Rides are S$5 for members and S$25 for non-members. 
 Riders will have 13 hours to complete the 200km distance.  SIGN UP HERE

What to Bring?

Passport, EP, PR, etc…whatever it takes to get you over the border into Malaysia.  It is ideal to bring enough food and water to last at least 100km.  There are plenty of places to stop for additional water and food in Malaysia so bring some Malaysian Ringgit.


AUDAX 400km is here!

The first AUDAX 400km will take place this Saturday April 8th departing the Starbucks at United Square at 4:45am.    Registration opens at 4:30am. 


This ride should be a breeze for these guys…they recently rode 1600+KM in six days from Chiang Mai Thailand to Phuket Thailand (C2P).  This photo was taken at the beginning of Day 6 and there were still a few smiles to be seen. Congratulations to all the riders on a safe and successful trip across Thailand!  They are very close to 100% of their charity goals so if you are in a position to donate please do!  DONATE HERE


C2P Riders and the Great Support Team

The AUDAX 400km ride will be the normal AUDAX 300km ride plus 100km in Singapore. This will enable the riders to stop places in Singapore for dinner. You will have a total of 27 hours to finish the AUDAX 400km.  Please bring your passport, EP, PR, or whatever it takes to get across the border for the ride.  There are plenty of places to stop for water and bring enough food to carry you at least 160km when we will arrive in Kluang and stop for lunch.  There is a wide variety of food to please almost anybody there….yes, really.  You can download the .gpx file here AUDAX 300km Route

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