Awards- Presented for each ride with Extraordinary Riders

DSC03436JFT AUDAX Spirit Award– named after the Singapore AUDAX founder Jean-Francois Torrelle (JFT), this award is given to the person who exudes the AUDAX spirit and promotes long distance cycling.

Lundy Worker Award – named after Dave ‘Lundy’ Lundberg, an AUDAX legend, this award is given to the person who supports the group the best. Support includes excessive amounts of front time, fixing flats, singing and in general bringing everybody home safely after a SOLID effort on the road.

Silk Smile Award– named after Denise Silk, an AUDAX and a PBP legend in Singapore, this award is given to the person who manages to smile and spread happiness in the group no matter what pain and suffering is endured by all.

2016 Awards
AUDAX 200km – January 23, 2016

– Lundy Worker Award- Michael Naert
– JFT AUDAX Spirit Award- Patrick Williams
– Silk Smile Award- Laura Gordon

AUDAX 200km – February 20, 2016

– Lundy Worker Award – Mike Hooper, Angus Mathers, Kathryn Haesner
– JFT AUDAX Spirit Award – Andrew Woodcock
– Silk Smile Award – Andrew Philippou

2015 Awards

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