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Bloody ‘ell!!

Despite being a beautiful day the AUDAX 200km this past weekend had one of the highest failure rates ever!   Ran out of tubes, food poisoning,  ran out of energy, ran into Wes Hughes…you name it, the reasons were plentiful.  More than 50 riders lined up for the ride on Saturday and it looks like almost 20 did not finish.  The preliminary results will be out soon.


Photo by Vladimir T.

The border crossing took a bit longer than usual which meant that the group was split almost immediately in JB.  The first group set off at a moderate pace in order to train for C-P (Chiang Mai – Phuket) which is happening in late March.  Keeping the moderate pace of 32km/hour meant that they  would keep their breaks short and not be blown to shreds by the end of the ride.  That was the plan.  We rode along with the idea that the Integrated Riders team surely would sweep us up within the first 70km.  Surprisingly we only got caught at the 108km at the Shell station.  The IR team and a few others pulled into Shell with half of the group looking very worn out trying to keep up with the faster paced riders.   To quote one of the riders from Yorkshire upon his arrival at Shell 108km-  ‘bloody ‘ell’!!.    The IR led group had an average pace of 35km/hour at KM 108.  Fast!

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What is a Super Randonneur?

Super Randonneur

Super Randonneur

Many people ask questions about medallions, PBP and what it means to be a Super Randonneur.  Firstly, the medallions are used to represent a way of remembering you completed a certain distance.  There are finisher medallions for 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km in every AUDAX year.  If you are able to complete all four of these distances in one year you also qualify for the status of ‘Super Randonneur’ for which there is also a medallion.    In addition, Paris Brest Paris has a medallion for completion.  I believe they have medallions for 1000km rides but I have never seen one and not sure if I ever want one.  I framed my medallions but you really can do anything you want with them.  After the last 300km on April 9th,  Liuyang Wan had already started asking questions about PBP.  The next PBP is in 2019.  Similar to other years, you need to complete the 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km in the preceding 12 months prior to PBP to qualify.  The earlier the better as it seems the demand for PBP has skyrocketed from 5000 riders in 2011 to 6000 in 2015.   So while this is not a ‘PBP year’ you can still aspire to become a Super Randonneur.  It may not land you a job, get you a date, or make you more money, yet you can definitely be confident that you have overcome some tough mental and physical challenges to do all these distances.  Patrick Williams is designing a nice new 600km route for this June which will take us through Rompin National Park and include more hills than the pancake flat ride to Melaka and back.  Thanks again Patrick!   On a sad note I do not believe they have a Hotel Super Cowboy on the new route….but I am pretty confident we can find a quality hotel in most of Malaysia.  For those who want to achieve SR status this year please note the calendar as it is likely we will only have the one 600km this year versus three last year (PBP year).   Disclaimer:  cycling long distances is highly addictive and last year we had two guys going from maximum rides of 160km to doing every qualifier and entering PBP!

Last but not least, I ask that you register early this week for the 300km/400km this upcoming weekend as I am not able to be here and Steven Hon has agreed to lead the ride.  The 300km route we did last time PLUS 100km to be determined by Steven Hon is the route for the 400km.  If you only fancy doing 300km that is also fine…just record your time and send me a PM.  We typically try to do the final 100km in Singapore for safety reasons.   Thank you  Steven for managing the ride this weekend….so to all please register early so I can get the list to Steven SIGN UP HERE


Norwegian Ketchup 200km

Post Ride Beers -

Post Ride Beers –

Another thrilling AUDAX 200km ride this weekend with some new faces and the return of some Singapore AUDAX legends.   The 200km group was a bit smaller than usual with people traveling for summer, doing crazy things like RAAM or just plain taking a break from spending the entire day on a bike.   Many new faces which was always encouraging and great to have Ling Ling on-board to represent the sole woman rider on this weekend’s ride.  It was also nice to have a visiting rider join us from Thailand once again!

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