NEW START Place – Final 200km for 2016

For this weekend the 200km will be starting at a different Starbucks as the United Sq one is closed.  Scotts Road Starbucks is the place to start.  Ride registration at 5am and we roll at 530.  As per usual, the ride finishes at Brewerkz Riverside Point.

Address: 9 Scotts Rd, 228210
Phone:6736 4315

You will have a total time of 13:30 hours to complete the ride.  Ride registration starts at 0500 and we roll at 5:30 sharp.   Bring your passport, EP, PR, or anything else you need to cross the border into Malaysia.  It is also handy to have some Malaysian Ringgit to buy water and things from the stop points.  We will be doing the Patrick Williams Route (see below for Strava link) and it is likely there will be a few groups based on speeds.  Sign Up Here

You can find the route on this link below and download the .gpx file for your Garmin.