AUDAX 300km July 8, 2017

Nov 22nd 200km ride details

Download and print this cue sheet:      AUDAX 200KM _ Strava Route Cue Sheet Arrive at 5am for registration and ride overview presentation (5-10 mins). After we have all riders registered and the brevet cards distributed we will roll at 5:30am sharp. Note that the ride goes into Malaysia so you need your IC/Passport. Start Place Longhouse has been closed- so we are meeting at Starbucks near Novena:

Starbucks at Novena/United Square is open 24 hours, has plenty of seating, and there is a 7-11 there which is also open 24 hours….so this is the closest place that holds lots of bodies and has decent food/drink for early birds.  United Square – 101 Thomson Road #01-01 United Square Singapore 307591

What to bring? You should bring some Malaysian Ringgit along with your passport. There will be one stop at a Petronas gas station where you may want to fill your bottles and buy some food. Bring your IC and passport to get across the border. In addition, you should bring food/gels/water enough for at least 100km of is always better to have too much than not enough food and drink. Tubes, pumps, CO2 cartridges are all recommended. Remember that AUDAX rides are self can still help other people out but you cannot get assistance from people in motor vehicles. Please ensure that you have insurance to cover yourself in case of emergency. If you think you don't need it then read here To become a member and get cheaper kit, cheaper rides and other specials visit here and join with is only $50 and gives you the full set of brevets Last but not least, if you have questions along the way look for people in these jerseys...chances are they have done it before and they can help  you out! ???????????????????????????????

200km Route

This is the route we will be following for the 200km on the 22nd of November.   The slight variance will be when we get back to Singapore but in general this will help those who are unfamiliar with Malaysian riding with the sections in Malaysia.  Note that you need your passport, IC, EP, etc to cross the border.  If you want to download this and put it in your Garmin you can visit this site  

Personalized Membership Cards are coming!

AUDAX Singapore Club Membership Card  FRONT

Front side of the membership card

Get your 2014-15 membership now.  Membership saves you on official ride homolgation for PBP, team kit and other clothing and other specials along the way. Savings Rides for Members S$5.00 vs. S$25.00 for non members Kit for members S$245.00 Jersey only - S$125.00 Kit for non-members S$275.00 Jersey only S$150.00
Name for your membership card
 Membership Fee is S$50.00

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