Next AUDAX 400km is April 8, 2017

Let 2017 begin – AUDAX 200km

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There are a number of people already signed up for the AUDAX 200km on January 14, 2017.  As usual, the ride will start at the Starbucks at United Square (Address: 101 Thomson Road, #01-01 United Square, 307591) and will finish at Brewerkz at Riverside Point.  We will be following the Patrick Williams Way AUDAX 200km and you can download the .GPX file from this map below.  Meet at 5am to register / sign up and we roll at 5:30 sharp.   This is the first ride of the 2017 year so if you have not signed up as a member you can do it at registration.    Rides are S$5 for members and S$25 for non-members. 
 Riders will have 13 hours to complete the 200km distance.  SIGN UP HERE

First time doing an AUDAX Ride?

The ride is mostly in Malaysia so you need to bring your passport, EP, PR, white card for visitors, return travel tickets for overseas tourists, etc.  Anything you need to cross the border you need to bring.


There are plenty of places to stop for water and snacks.  The stops are mostly at petrol (gas) stations.  The currency used in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit.  It is usually good to bring some Ringgit and some Singapore dollars for food and drink when you get back home.  Many of the riders usually finish at Brewerkz with some much needed calorie replacement.  It is usually advisable to bring enough food for at least 100km and then top up at the various stops in Malaysia.


Make sure you tires are in good shape. It is usually a good idea to bring two spare tubes, CO2 cannisters, and a friend who will carry a spare tire.  Tighten everything up  as the roads in Malaysia are not as nice as the ones here in Singapore.   If you get a puncture then raise your hand and let people know so they can help you fix your puncture.


It is a good idea to pace yourself.  There are riders who will ride at varying speeds and it is usually a good idea to ride at a pace that you feel you can complete the full 200km distance.


At the end of the ride your time will be recorded and sent to Paris for ‘homologation’.  For those who are planning to do long distance rides and who need to use AUDAX rides as qualifiers you will get an official homologation number within two weeks.  Medallions are also available (S$25 each) for finishers who want to remember their time on the bike.   Each of the AUDAX rides have medallions:  200km, 300km, 400km, 600km and for those who do all four there is the Super Randonneur Medallion.













Travel Insurance

It is a good idea to have travel insurance for this trip to Malaysia. (or anywhere really).  I use

I won’t travel without it!



IMG_2023Shortly after midnight, October 29th 2016, fourteen riders set off from the Starbucks at Scotts Road and Orchard Rd for a 400km ride, which would be the last official Singapore Audax ride of the year. In past years, the ride began at 5am with approximately 300km in Malaysia followed by 100km in Singapore. This time we did the 100km in Singapore first and then headed to Malaysia for the final 300, hoping to maximize nighttime riding and therefore minimize time in the afternoon heat.

As anticipated, the pace started off high (for a 400 at least) and didn’t let up—by 3:00am we had already covered 100km and two riders had gone back home to seek the comfort of their pillows. We stopped in Jurong West around 3:20am for an early breakfast before heading through Kranji and into Malaysia. As we prepared to hit the road, I found I had broken a rear spoke. Luckily we were only 3km from my house and so I pedaled home as quickly as possible to swap wheelsets while the rest of group slowly headed up the road to a quickly-planned rendezvous. With only about a 10-15 minute delay, we were back on the road as a group and headed into the Malaysia. Unfortunately the high pace caught out two more riders who were not feeling their best. We lost one just before the border and the another about 25km into Malaysia, just before the sun came up.

Down to 10 riders, we formed a rolling pace line at anything from 34-42km/h for the next few hours, until we hit the hills at the 240km mark. Once in the hills we began spreading out on the road and somehow lost two riders, who made it back to Singapore on their own. Of the remaining 8, we broke up into two groups of four after our lunch break at 300km. Each group worked well together and everybody was back in Singapore by 5pm.

Ask around for nominations for awards. Wes pulled a lot but I think he’s won Lundy already. Again nobody was smiling…. :-\

Oct 29 AUDAX 400km

fixing flatsThe AUDAX 400km will be the final AUDAX ride of the 2016 season.  The ride will be starting early at 12:05 am on October 29th in Singapore.  We will start at the Scotts Road Starbucks and ride approximately 100km in Singapore first and then do the AUDAX 300km in Malaysia.  This route is designed to maximize safety and to ensure that there are suitable meal stops open in places like Kluang which we should hit at approximately 260km.  The Singapore route will take us from Starbucks, Stevens Road, Mt. Pleasant, Upper Thompson Road, Yishun, Seletar, Jalan Kayu, Ponggol, Pasir Ris, East Coast Changi Coast Road, through the CBD, WCH to Kranji, through Kranji to the Woodlands checkpoint.  It is recommended that we stay in one or two groups for this section and then arrive in Malaysia for the standard AUDAX 300km.   This official route ends when you cross back over the border into Singapore which caters to people no matter where they live on the island. It is expected that we will likely finish around dinner time on the Saturday.

If you have not done the 300km route before then it is advisable that you download the .gpx file from the Strava link below.  The 300km covers the first 110km as the new 200km and then instead of heading home you go the other direction towards Kluang.  From the 110km mark you have 50 km of nice rolling hills on quiet roads which takes you to the city of Kluang.  Kluang has many food options and is an ideal spot to rest a bit and eat a big meal.  After Kluang we head back to Kulai and near the end we get to do the fun Kulai Hills.  There is no guarantee that the coconut stand will be open but there are plenty of places to get food and drinks along the way.  For the entire 400km you have 27 hours to complete the ride to be successful.  Unlike the 200km and 300km rides, the pace is reasonable as most people are concerned about blowing up.


The standard 300km route is below:

What to bring? 

Well you need your passport, PR, EP and any other documentation it takes to cross the border into Malaysia.  You should also bring some Malaysian Ringgit to buy water and food along the way.  The 300km route is a bit hilly so make sure you have good legs and maybe a few salt tablets. It is also advisable to bring tubes, co2 cartridges, food, and a chain tool so that Andy Bennett can fix any broken chains.  It is wise to check the quality of your tires and make sure everything on your bike is nice and tightly secured. Good lighting is a must as we will be in the dark for at least 6-7 hours…maybe more if we get back later than expected.

super-randonneur-logoWhy would you do a 400km ride? Well if you had a chance to do the 600km this year it is likely you have done a few 200s and a 300km ride too.  If you complete the 200, 300, 400 and 600 km you qualify for the Super Randonneur category and are able to buy the SR Medallion.  If that is of no interest to you then you can benefit from the exercise and eat and drink more after.

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