The Queen of Chops

AUDAX rides are long…but not too long as there are cutoff times.  These are not your typical daily or weekend ride, but rides that push you and the crew to the limits.   Below are the hours you have to complete the specific brevet:

13:30 for 200 km
20:00 for 300 km
27:00 for 400 km
40:00 for 600 km
75:00 for 1000 km



The AUDAX 200km is the inaugural ride for most new long distance riders.  This ride will test your endurance, will enable you to gain understanding of the AUDAX brevet system, and will introduce you to fellow AUDAX riders in Singapore.  Check it out on Strava


The AUDAX 300km is the next step….this one is for experienced riders who can handle more than ten hours in the saddle.  Covering areas such as Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Kulai and back to Singapore this ride will see a mixed of slower and faster riders.  Check it out on Strava


The AUDAX 400km ride will push you to new limits….this will take you almost a full day to complete…so don’t make dinner plans or evening drinks plans…you will ride a ton.  Check it out on Strava:


The AUDAX 600km is a monster.  You will travel to places in Malaysia you have never been and will not want to return to for a long time after….this ride makes grown men cry.


CMJN de base

The ultimate goal of most AUDAX riders is to participate in Paris Brest Paris.  This is a ride that occurs every four years and is an amazing 1200+KM ride across beautiful parts of France.  The next edition of the race is in 2015  http://www.paris-brest-paris.org To view the route from 2011 on Strava you can check out the link